The Heated Smartphone Race for Third Place

thirdquestionIn the smartphone market, not everybody is fighting for first place. In fact, not even second. Currently, Samsung and Apple lead the mobile market in first and second, respectively. This makes third the only place left to fight for this heated Smartphone race.

Who’s in the race? This is a long list, since no company has made a clear step ahead of anyone else. Here’s the list of who I think can be innovative enough to take third place :

  • Blackberry: With their newest phone, the Z10, they have a brand new chance to grab the corporate market again, which has been leaving their grip over the last couple of years. They have also made their device more consumer friendly, a big issue previously. This rebirth of Blackberry gives them a good chance at third.
  • Nokia: Nokia has been fighting hard to make Windows Phones big. They are hoping their commitment to Microsofts platform will make them unique, and stand out in the crowd. Maybe, Windows Phone is the key to third.
  • HTC: With a few great new Android smartphones, they have a lot of potential to take their piece of the market. Phones such as the Droid DNA and the upcoming HTC One are extremely catchy to the eye, and will make a big impact.
  • Huawei: The current third, although barely, is making a name for itself. Out of China, it is unknown to many. Its’ fresh phone designs, and global presence, are promising.

Although there are other companies, such as Sony, ZTE, Lenovo, and LG that have similar sales, they aren’t being as innovative or as unique as the companies in the list above. Truly, however, anyone can get third. Whoever does end up claiming third place, I hope they take a stab at Samsung and Apple, putting the industry into a frenzy of innovation.