What will replace the PC?

Some time before I was born, a great man, Steve Jobs, brought humanity a gift, the personal computer. It’s been great, but all great innovations come to an end at some point. So, now, what will replace the PC?

I dont think it will be any device in particular. The post PC era will be populated by a multitude of devices: Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, Tv’s… basically anything with a screen. The potential of these devices will also be varied, meaning, different hardware to handle different tasks.


How is it possible to have so many different devices? The cloud! All our information will be stored in the cloud, and transformed to fit whatever device we are using at the time. Many websites are already built optimized for whatever platform they are being viewed on. I know this one is. It looks slightly different on a laptop, tablet or phone.

So, is there any one answer to this question? I guess not. Applications and software will be created to make you productive on whatever device you are using, because most of the time it will most likely not be a PC. Every device you use will be synchronized, and content will be accessible easily no matter what platform you are using. The post PC world is a world where anything with a screen, or touchscreen I should say, is a technology resource ready to help you with your daily needs and tasks.

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